Metaveos Limited

We have a digital transformation including Design, Product Engineering, Quality Assurance, Mobile, Web Development, Cloud and AI.

As a nearshore software development company, we leverage the best talent in the world with Agile methodology.

The goal of Metaveos is to provide the highest quality software development services while maintaining a human approach to the users. Project is not only coding, design, or testing, but mainly cooperation between people. We are well aware of this. Therefore, our development process and organizational culture are designed with the client in mind. We believe that an open and honest approach is key to building strong cooperation. Therefore we always ensure the security of your project by signing the NDA!

Our Team


Independently ranked as the world’s best mobile app developer, our team are leaders in the development of iOS and Android applications.

Our apps are often verified as effective, engaging and leading products through user reviews, award wins and even featured listings, with app stores paying tribute to the quality of practices involved in our development processes and the final product they help to create.

Project Manager

A successful digital product is not just about getting to launch. To be truly effective you need a fully defined product roadmap that supports rapid iteration and allows you to continuously learn from your users.

UX/UI Designer

Prototyping allows you to get a working proof-of-concept into the hands of your stakeholders in rapid time. Not only does this help to validate ideas with minimal investment, but it also helps to implement a test and learn mentality that puts the needs of your users first.

Our App

Phone Cleanup

If your phone storage is insufficient or slowing down, Cleaner totally can clear junk files, remove cache, and release storage space hence boosting phone performance and speed.

Heart Rate Monitor

Elevate your heart health awareness with the HeartRate app—a smart solution offering detailed insights into your cardiac well-being through intelligent monitoring and analysis.

Live Wallpaper

In the application, only wallpapers and backgrounds suitable for the size of your screen will be displayed for you. All images are of high quality in HD and various resolutions 4k & 8k.